Adi Dharma Hotel

Adi Dharma Hotel is a hotel is at Jalan Benesari Legian Bail, with the rating of a three star hotel. A quiet and an atmosphere that is relaxing to their guests, to make them comfortable. Adi Dharma Hotel is considered. The best place for business travellers, and vacationers would be right here at this beautiful hotel.

While you are staying at Adi Dharma Hotel, be sure to enjoy and explore the city. On the lively streets where you treat yourself with a selection of shops, cafes, dining, and entertainment, all within walking distance from Adi Dharma Hotel.

A comfortable stay at the hotel is in the rooms. All the rooms offer a featured balcony, overlooking the garden or swimming pool depending on which side your room is on. Your room is equipped with your control on the air conditioner, a refrigerator, with a mini bar stocked. As well, they have direct dial telephone for you.

The international television channels offer you a good choice of shows to choose from while watching television. This also gives you an in-house movie program and hair dryers in all rooms. Their main idea at the hotel is customer service, satisfying your needs.

Ali Dharma Hotel has rooms you can pick out, with different styles available. It offers seventy-three superior rooms, seven deluxe rooms, and family rooms are available as well. These are all available in the three-story building from the Balinese architectural building. The rooms are comfortable, well equipped with a variety of modern amenities for the Americans use. This is to ensure that you will have a pleasant and a great time in Bali.

For romance a moonlit swim in one or both of the hotels swimming pools. With the customers stating that it automatically rejuvenates your whole body after the long day of activities. Not only is it romantic it also is very relaxing. Another way to relax is the service in the Dirga Sauca Spa, and yoga.

They offer a meditation corner as well. It would be hard to decide what to do while visiting, because the hotel has so much to offer, yet the sightseeing, and shops also are enjoyable, and the city of beauty is one you do not want to miss.

To add what the hotel offers for relaxation is, a professional massage by a therapist that takes care to refresh and your body, including a foot bath, full body massage, flower bath, body steam, manicure, and milk baths, just to name a few of the professional massage. They also offer a body scrub, aromatherapy bath, pedicure, cream bath, waist massage, and foot massages. You can choose if you would like the massage done in your room or the spa room

There are cultural activities at the hotel also, which is Balinese dance, music and a professional instructor to help you learn to do some of the dance they offer. They are all considered an art of your body, and to be able to have a professional instructor offer their services is just a few of the culture they offer to you.

Adi Dharma has special discounts, with a lot of information on the leisure you can enjoy. Just by contacting the friendly information for tourist, which is available from nine in the morning to nine at night. Even better than that you can go to their website to see more options, and prices.

The website is

So while you are visiting and staying at the Adi Dharma Hotel, be sure and enjoy what the hotel offers, from their restaurant and bar, meeting rooms, laundry service, a souvenirs shop, and twenty-four hour room service. To top off your stay at the Adi Dharma Hotel, and if you brought your children, yes they even offer babysitting services. This hotel is well beyond what one might expect. However, it is all that is mentioned, with customer service to assist you at anytime, day, or night.

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