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The island of Bali, a province of Indonesia, lies between Java and Lompak just 2 miles off the Javanese coast. Coral reefs out from endless beaches of both white and black sand surround the island. From the tropical seashore, forested foothills rise to a mountainous interior with the highest peaks reaching nearly 10,000 feet.

Bali is a modern country with exceptional service and there are accommodations to fit all budgets and preferences. Bed and Breakfasts can be found along with private rentals, timeshares, villas and condos. The majority of visitors, however, prefer the luxury of one of Bali’s many hotels and resorts.

The majority of the hotels, resorts and spas are located at the southern end of the island at the fringes of wide white sand beaches. The northern end, of the island, is being slowly developed and one of the attractions to the area is the volcanic, black sand beaches. Bali received the ‘Best island award’ from travel and leisure magazine in 2010 and the Four Seasons resort at Jimbaran took the world’s best hotel spa award.

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